Why Nathia Gali should be your next trip (نتھیا گلی)

This is why guys


Nathia Gali (نتھیا گلی‎‎) is a hill resort located in Abbottabad District of KPK province. Lush green grass and tall trees with beautiful panoramic view make it a heaven on earth. Around Nathia Gali many other hill stations are situated. But it is more cooler than the rest of the nearby hill resorts as it is on higher altitude than them.

The weather remains cool throughout the year. Winter are very cold and lots of snow falls here. But summers are cool and pleasant. Many people from the hot areas of Pakistan visit Nathia Gali during summers to escape from blazing heat.People visit it for picnic and hiking.

Nathia Gali has many places to visit. From it’s lush green meadows to it’s beautiful panoramic view, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. One of the places to visit is Governer House. It is home of the governor and offers some fascinating views.

The church of Nathia Gali is also worth seeing . The church is entirely made from wood and thus is one of the Nathia gali’s unique architechture.

Near the church we can also find Gulgee’s house. He is considered one of the top artists of Pakistan and you can see his work in that house too.

Nathia Gali is home of several wildlife. Nathia Gali also has a small bazar where we can find many unique things. There are many hotels and resturants too to make your stay memorable there.


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