Top 5 Dramas : A blast from the past


5 Dastan :

Dastan is one of the glorifying production of our industry.This drama is fabulously framed together, it was grand and nostalgic. Dastan is a Hum tv production, based on Razia butt’s novel “Bano”, which was highly appreciated by the audience for expressing the distressful and deeply disturbing events of Pakistan’s formation through the eyes of a particular family.Every thing about Dastan is perfect. From the way how Bano and Hassan fall in love to the deep lyrics of title song. The amazing chemistry between Hassan and Bano made them the new favourite onscreen couple.The family depicted is wonderful, loveable and exude a certain wistfulness.It’s also based on reality rather than some fiction stories.From the story to the cast everything is brilliant about this drama.All character lived up to the roles assigned to them.Dastan clearly narrates Pakistan’s point of view about the partition. So this drama has definitely earned it’s spot in our top 5 dramas.

4) Alpha Bravo Charlie :

Alpha bravo charlie …..Fascinating drama,unparalleled story and its brilliant portrayal.who haven’t heard about this? Chances are if you are using internet than you must have heard it one way or another.It is a sequel to the drama Sunehre Din with some of the same cast members.The romance of army on television screens is ages old and Alpha Bravo Charlie is one of them. It reflects the story of three young friends who have just joined the army, and teaches the very important lesson of leading a determined and passionate life.It is a very well knitted play so it’s almost impossible to find a fault.This drama gives our industry “perfection” goals. Shoaib Mansoor really worked himself as the best director of this time by trying to potray every character at it’s best .We definitely need to have more dramas like Alpha Bravo Charlie which rekindle passion, positive spirit and patriotism in our youth.

3) Waris :

Waris revolves around the landlord, who decides to fight the government to preserve his elite status. The popularity of this drama can be judged from the fact that this was the considered to be the play that made as all the people were found glued infront of the TV screens during it’s air time.This drama represents feudal system. It is perfect, the camerawork, a powerful story, wonderful direction, strong message, memorable dialogues and brilliant acting and most importantly the writing. It is simply put a masterpiece… The story was fairly simple. It is safe to declare that waris represents the height of glory that has ever been reached by Paksitani drama.

2) Dhoop Kinaray :

It will not be a exaggeration if I say that whatever respect PTV gained in the entertainment industry is because of dramas like Dhoop Kinaray. It is written and directed by two of the most acclaimed women in TV, Haseena Moin and Sahira Kazmi.This drama is perfect in every aspect.Whether it is acting, camera work, dialogues simplicity or on screen couple romance, everything was beyond awesome.The plot revolves around a young girl who falls in love with the person of opposite nature. Casting was perhaps the real X factor. All the actors played their character perfectly.This drama is definitely a treat to watch.

1) Tanhaiyaan :

Tanhaiyaan is a classic drama serial.It’s plot is very well framed.This drama is wholesome entertainment.It’s story is sculpted to unravel the story of two sisters who are forced to face the hard realities of life after their parents death.The play has been written beautifully by Haseena Moin, it has been directed by Shehzad Khalil – one of the best directors of PTV at that time. This drama hits my memory, just like a stone creates ripples in the pond. The story is so well written that it seems the whole story is projected into the mind.The Viewers can’t seem to get over it. All the credit goes to the fabulous plot and the characters of the serial.


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