Multan : The city of saints

The land of saints


Multan is an old city and is home of many of the sufi saints. It is one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan.There are many bazaars where you can find handmade crafts that are in huge demand all over the country. Here are some of the places that make it a must visit place

1) Shrine of Bahauddin Zakariya:

The shrine of bahauddin zakariya is the most popular place in multan where believer come from the distant place to visit this shrine. This shrine is located at the top of the city Multan and was built in 1262 before death of Zakriya . This is one of the most important  shrine in the Pakistan.

2) Hussain Agahi Bazar :

Hussain agahi in the city multan is an ancient  bazar which is near the shrine of bahauddin zakriya . This bazar is named as hussain agahi because in the holy moth of muharram , the main majalis of this city conduct in this bazar . long time ago there was only this bazar in the whole city. This is the most ancient bazar in the city multan .

3) Fort Kohna :

Fort kohna or Qilla kohna is situated in the center of multan on a high mound , and also on the bank of River Chanab . many times this  place was destroyed and rebuilt again. This place is still most favourite and cherished place of visitors from all round the world. Recently this place is again beautified by the govt. of Pakistan because this place is very historical place in multan.

4) khuni  Burj Multan :

Khuni burj is the heart place in the city multan because long time ago the river ravi was passed from here about two century ago. This place is named as khuni burj because in the ancient times , there were very fights between the muslims and non – muslims. The near ancient place is pak-gate, and dehli gate.

5) Ghanta Ghar :

Ghanta ghar multan is famous because of its clock tower there. In this place this clock represent totally the time of subcontinent . ghanta ghar of multan is very famous and it is used as city municipal office by the government . this clock tower is situated in the building which is turn made of red bricks.

6) United Mall , Multan :

United mall is the famous mall in the city multan in the main road named as abdali road near the multan cantt, where clothes of all the variety is available here and you can buy these things with high quality and with normal price . the stuff of this mall is very good because it comes from Dubai, many people visit this shopping mall from far places. Many group of friends specially from the residing of multan visit their only for fun they don’t go there for shopping . they only visit there for the sake of there enjoyment . in other words this shopping mall is the enjoyment place of the young person in multan;.


7) State bank , Multan :

State bank of Pakistan in multan is a 12 story building which is situated near the kalma chock. This is white colour building . when it was built it was highest building of multab and still it is and can be easily seen through far away place so it also beautify the city multan . this bank also the main bank to provide a lot of benefit to other local banks in that city.

8) MGM in Multan Cantt : 

Multan garrison mess is a masterpiece of architect and example of its own. This building is situated in the main road of multan cantt and it consists of 13 domes of very different sizes that  was constructed in 1880. The best thing about this is that almost every international passengers that are passing through multan international airport are interested to visit there . the reason is that it contains 13 domes which are not common in every place , so it attracts its lover to visit there.


9) Multan Railway station :

Railway station in multan is also possesses a uniqe features in its quality , but now a days where people prefer to travel through the bus rather than the train so these days this station looks very strange . on the other hand , not a long time this station was a bording line station for many passengers not only for residing people of multan but also for the people that were passing through multan .

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