All about K2

Know about worlds second highest peak


K2 is the highest mountain of Pakistan and second highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest. It is 28,251 feet high and is located in Karakoram mountain range between Pakistan and China. Mount Everest is just 237 meters hig than K2.

Name :

It is also know as Mount Godwin Austen, named after the man who first climbed it. Though it’s official name is K2 which was given by British climber. K stands for Karakoram and 2 was give due to the fact that it was the second highest mountain in the world.

Why K2 is harder to climb?

For every four that summit K2, one dies. And for every twenty that summit Everest only one summits K2. K2 is different from Everest. You have to go through glacier to summit K2 which is a difficult task as climbing on glaciers is very difficult.On the other hand, Everest trail is easy. K2 is steep and thus it takes a lot of energy to climb whereas Everest has turns so it is not as steep as K2.

It is more difficult to reach K2 from Chinese side of karakoram,so climbers usually use Pakistani side to climb K2.

K2 is only climbed in Summer. It has never been climbed during winter. Usually you have to take supplemental oxygen with you to climb it.  Pole Wanda Rutkiewicz is the first women to climb K2.

Sometimes the condition can might become so intense that no one can survive there. On 1 August, 2008 eleven climbers died while climbing on K2. This is the worst K2 disaster.

Still many people try to visit and climb it because it offers unrivaled beauty and nothing beats the scene from the top of K2.