This is why Pakistanis love American comedian Jeremy McLellan

The GORA we all love !


We all have probably heard about the gora who visited Pakistan and can’t seem to end his obessesion over Pakistan. Jeremy is an american comedian who visited Pakistan for doing different shows . He also did a show in FAST Lahore. Even after his visit, he kept updating his fans over social media about his visit to Pakistan.

So here are the few reasons why Pakistanis love Jeremy :

1) He trolls our neighbours like a boss :

India and Pakistan enmity is world famous.And our neighbours across the country leave no chance to blame Pakistan for anything happening in India. Recent example includes India for arresting a pegion believing it was one of Pakistani spies. This made the whole world scratching their heads on this Indian logic. And jeremy left no chance to take a dig on India’s this kind of behaviour :

2) He celebrates 14 August like a true pindi boy :

He was in Pakistan during the 14 August. So he didn’t missed chance to celebrate Pakistan Independence in a Pindi style. From riding bike to celebrating it in car with friends, he did it all. According to him, it was one of his biggest celebrations in his life.

3) He loves biryani :

Who isn’t fond of Pakistani foods? Pakistani foods are famous for their spicy and unique tastes all over the world.Pakistani cuisines will make anyone’s mouth water. So seeing Jeremy fell in love with our biryani was no surprise.

He even knows the real secret behind Lahori biryani being so tasty.

4) He learns cricket to win the world cup for Pakistanis :

Cricket runs like blood in the veins of Pakistanis.Who doesn’t know about Pakistan’s loveĀ  for cricket ? Even Jeremy knows how important cricket is for Pakistanis. So he tries to learn cricket to make our national team win World Cup. Hmm.. is sadgi pe kon na mar jae?

He can swing the bat even though the ball doesn’t go anywhere.

He doesn’t stop here and goes back in time to win World Cup and Champions Trophy for Pakistan. Kaisay kar letay ho yar ?? Kaisay ??

5) He discovered the real secret behind Pakistani Gori aunties :

Pakistani’s obessession with white colour is no secret. And for that reason who can forget Fair and Lovely cream. Even Jeremy found it in his room.

5) He knows so much about Pakistan:

Whether it’s Indian enmity towards Pakistan or Panama leaks verdict, he knows what is happening in Pakistan. And his ability to express this in a funny way takes him on a whole new level .And he even took a rally to overturn supreme court decision :

He even goes on to show how much he is involved in Pakistan.From Jeremy The Khan to Jeremy the MM Alam, he got it all covered.

And he doesn’t stop there but goes to border to keep an eye on India so We, the Pakistanis, sleep comfortably at night. He does all these things for us, so why wouldn’t we love him back?

Hope you come back to Pakistan soon ,Jeremy. We are missing you.

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