This is why Nusrat Ali Khan is the king of Qawali

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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is the most famous Qawal ever in the history of Pakistan.He was  one of the few musician of Pakistan who got the world “USTAD” as a surname.The charm of his music is still present even with the youth of Pakistan.The lofty verses he sang is still famous.#MERE_RASHKE_QAMAR is one of them.

While listening to his qawali almost everyone got stuck into the unforgettable trance.Nowadays the musician are remaking the new version of his waqali’s.His own Nephew & we could say his one&only successor #RAHAT_FATEH_ALI_KHAN remake one of his qawali #afreen_afreen in #coke_studio.That track is proved to be the most viewed tracks of coke studio and got almost 109,366,285 views till now.That track got almost the best views that a coke studio song ever have.It shows the love of public towards NUSRAT’s QAWALIS.

The rich sufi music culture that is still present in Pakistan is due to #Nusrat_Fateh_Ali khan. He was the main source of sufi trance.


His qawali’s also include the aspect of god love in it.Such type of qawalis contain deep and magical verses in it.The verses allow a listener to think about the god and his deeds.His qawalis often left a listener wet eyed.


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