These quotes behind trucks and rickshaws will make you laugh


Among many other unique features of Pakistan is the truck art. In Pakistan trucks are painted all over their bodies with different calligraphy and portraits. It won’t be a exaggeration if i say that truck art has become the culture of the world. Pakistani trucks along with being famous also make us laugh with the funny poetry poetry written on back.

You can find many words of wisdom behind these trucks. Some of them can make you laugh and some will make you  bang your head in car window making you realize why you read them in  first place.You can literally find anything there,I repeat ANYTHING!

So here are some of them :

This is what happens a politician writes poetry for his loved one:


At last some is happy after getting married again :

We don’t see people getting happy after getting married again.. so this one is truly special

Well the driver is clearly fed up of constant horns:

We all know how impatient we are on roads. So seeing the owner put this behind rickshaw is no surpirse. Sabar bhi koi cheez hoti hai yar….

The truck is clearly trying tell us about it’s origin in a funny way:

This is why folks you should never write poetry and miss someone while drinking lassi:

I repeat never….

Well the truck clearly understands the harsh realities of the world:

We all know how selfish people exists around us.Finally some advice worth taking.

The truck is giving you a free pick up line guys:

Disclaimer : Try this at your own risk… as you may end up getting hit by a sandal.

Here is a real advice to avoid accidents in life :

This tip is valid for vehicles and people equally.

This really gives us future goals :

They say think out of the box… I guess the rickshaw took it too seriously.

Something deep to think about:

Basically it highlights what’s happening in our society. The driver must be fed up of seeing it all happen.

Truly though provoking :

The poetry is deep, reminding us that this world is temporary. So better not get lost in this world.


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