The laugh and art behind Pakistani trucks

A gaya te cha gaya tha kar ke


Among many other unique features of Pakistan is the truck art. In Pakistan trucks are painted all over their bodies with different calligraphy and portraits. The truck art existed even before Pakistan’s independence. Later it became more and more popular. It won’t be a exaggeration if i say that truck art has become the culture of the world. This unique type of art has attracted many of foreign’s attention. In many exhibitons all over the world, Pakistani truck art has been exhibited.

It’s not cheap to decorate the truck :

You must have heard nothing comes for free.This is especially true in the case of decorating trucks.Decorating a truck costs around 3 to 5 lakh. This allows them to distinguish their trucks with other one’s on the road. It’s not very easy for every owner to afford it, but usually all of them to pay the hefty amount because at the end of the day nothing beats the beauty of a fully decorated truck and this is one of the reasons why the drivers of these trucks fell in love with them.

The back of truck usually contains a portrait :

The back of truck is usually decorated with something which is meaningful and portrays some message. The back of truck usually contains a portrait and some verses of poetry which are often hilarious.The trucks can contain a portrait of some landscape, singers, actors, politicians etc. During 1960’s most trucks had Ayub Khan’s portrait on the back.

The back of truck can feature boom boom Shahid Afridi and if we are lucky we can find some romance too.

And you can never know what appears on these trucks as their are endless possibilities. We even got Bruce Lee doing some Yo! kind of kung fu.

And even our all time favorite Canadian PM Justin Trudeau managed to get his portrait on one of our trucks. So Yes! next time you see yourself on the back of truck, don’t be surprised as anything is possible in this world.


There can be  thought provoking words too:

You can find many words of wisdom behind these trucks. Some of them can make you laugh and some will make you  bang your head in car window making you realize why you read them in  first place :

you can literally find anything there,I repeat ANYTHING!

And you can do modeling with them too while you are at it !

So in short, truck art has become part of culture and is a symbol of our culture across the whole world.

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