Sheikh Rasheed The ultimate pindi boy

Hate him or Love him but you can't ignore him.......


Sheikh Rashid is a type of person who remains in news all year. His unique thug life style makes him the ultimate star of the show. Here are the reasons why he is the ultimate pindi boy.

The way he trolled Nawaz uncle after Panama verdict:

The way he keeps his promises

Despite the government trying it’s best to stop him from reaching lal hawali, Sheikh rashid turned his PINDI MODE on and reached there on bike.

The way he dodges police :

The way he dodged police was a typical pindi style thus earning him a PINDI BOY title.

Gives speeches from van while sitting on van because container is too mainstream :



The way he smokes a cigar with his own signature matchbox( yup his own signature match stick):

Self obessiosion can be good too sometime you know man….


On point

The way he makes his entrance with style :

The way he speaks english:

We all remember how Pakistan won that thrilling match against Australia. That win caused Pakistani fans to rush to internet to celebrate such a huge victory. Sheikh Rashid was no exception except he typed too fast . Luckily, he noticed the typo and was able to fixed it fast. But not that fast as people were able to take screenshots…. So you are not that fast uncle!

Because of the rap style speech style :

Nothing seems for beautiful than Sheikh some giving yo yo honey singh style speech and that too infront of burger boys (hmmm … sounds delicious)

And because he is too damn hot to be ignored:


Sheikh Uncle you are awesome.. Please don’t change <3

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