Here comes the entertainment Queen (or the Darama Queen)


Mahira Hafeez Khan is a Pakistani actress. She appears in Pakistani films and Pakistani dramas. She is one of country’s most popular and highest-paid actresses; and the recipient of several awards, including Lux Style Awards and Hum Awards.Mahira Khan is one of the famous actress of Pakistan because she represents pakistan in neighbour country.Nowadays She is also getting fame from the controversies.


Mahira Khan is seen with the indian actor Ranbir Kapoor clearly.Viewers criticize Mahira because of this pic.But Mahira shuts everyone mouth by declaring that don’t interfere,its her personal life.But Mahira have to admit that


NO,its not over yet,here comes another one.

Mera and Mahira in action again.

but the question arises that  “Why Mahira is insulting a lady who’s age is equals to her mother’s age”?

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