FOOD : The ultimate taste of Pakistan


Tradiotional food of provinces

The best thing about punjabi food is its variety & for the meat lover punab is heaven.When you think about punjab then you can get a glanse of lush green fields,their sturdy and robust life style.Punjabi Food is similar to Punjabis robust and cheering life.No matter what Punjabi cooks they always did it as perfect that u can never get the same taste from anywhere else(& its true<3).
Weather they cook meat,vegetables or pulses they just always nailed it.(hats off to u Punjabis<3)
The main hub of food making in Lahore.(as_usual :p)
You cant forget the taste of any thing that u ever try from food street Lahore(thatswhy”lahore_lahore ay”).

Makai ki roti+sarsoon ka saag (#Next_level..yeah seriously)
This is the best meal of punjab & the intresting thing is that the procedure to make this is very simple.You just have to get some Saag & Makai & after some steps your meal willl be ready for u.(reallly:p,is it that simple?)

Halwa Puri
It is perfect breakfast of punjab.For breakfast punjabis alwasy want Halwa puri because its too gud.In Punjab the fun of Eating Halwa puri at morning is a worthwill experience.

There are alot of food more else from these but the common thing in every food is that u will always find the strand of culture and simpicity in them.

Sindh also contain food streets and is very rich in this cuture.

Biryani/rice :
Biyani is also the best food of punjab.It is made from the ordinary rice by just adding some special types of ingredients.
Biyani/palao is now have become the compulsary part of pakistanis weeding food.
It is prepared throughout the pakistan due to its popularity and extraordinary taste.

Seyal Murgh
Seyal Murgh is also a famous dish of sindh.It is the skinless chicken fried with the trditional ways.

When ever we tak about the food in balochistan we have to mention sajii first.
Sajii consist of whole mutton mainly lamb or chicken.It is manirated in salt only and then roasted over is served with special “roti”,”naan” or “kaak”.

How we can forget about the THE Sugarcane juce & Lassi(Lassi=SleepZZZZ)
Both is mostly used in summer & is very beneficial in that season.Both drinks are considered as an summer anti-drink(Just Pakistani things:p)

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