Dell XPS 13 : The best gets better

A laptop that packs a bigger punch


XPS 13 is a really well built thin and light ultrabook with a 13 inch screen. This was one of the original 13 inch screen ultrabooks that rivaled the whole MacBook experience. This is well built, it looks good, and it’s just a really strong performer, and that was three years ago. And they have kept upgrading them and refreshing them over the years and at this point, this is really really solid. These are now running quad core processors so the stuff that hasn’t changed , it’s still running a great screen.

Display :


It comes in two options for the screen i.e. 1080p panel and a quad HD panel and you can’t go wrong with either of them. They are both very very good.Thin bezels. They call them Infinity Edge displays and because the bezels are so thin, the experience when you are looking at these screens is really immersive. They are also offering a model with touch screen. One thing in which XPS laptops are really good at is the touch screen. It’s not that the screen is more sensitive. It’s because of the hinge so, the XPS lineup , the 13 and 15, has a very stiff hinge. It’s so stiff that you can’t even open it up with one hand like you can do it on, but it requires more effort. But the stiff hinge has a huge benefit when it comes to touch screens because when you are touching it, there is a very little wobble when you are tapping at the screen, and a lot of laptops have loose hinges that are nice and easy to open but when you start touching them, they wobble and can be really annoying when using touch screen.

Keyboard :



The keyboard on XPS is also really good. It has got backlighting, the layout is good and most people will quickly adapt to this keyboard. It doesn’t have the best keyboard in the market but it is actually above average for an ultrabook. It’s good and if you use if for long enough you will learn to type really quickly on it. The trackpad is small but it’s running Windows Precision drivers right out of the box which makes tracking good and the gestures work perfectly. So overall the the trackpad is really good.

Design :

Overall the build quality of the laptop is good . Dell is also offering it in Alpine white version. XPS 13 only weighs 1.29kg. The only design problem is the webcam position which is placed at the bottom of the screen. So people would be seeing your nose more than your face. Other than that XPS has one of the most beautiful designs in the market.

Price and Specs :

Dell XPS 13 starts at $799 which gets you a full hd non-touch display,a dual-core Intel Core i3 CPU, 128GB SSD storage and 8GB of RAM . You have alot of flexibility in terms of specs. So you can get a touchscreen, 4k display or select core i5 or core i7 CPU equipped model.

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