Can VEON become WeChat of Pakistan?


Veon, world’s 7th largestĀ telecoms company, and it’s subsidiary Jazz has launched VEON app in Pakistan. This app is already available in many other countries like Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. Russia and Pakistan make up at least half of EBITDA for VEON. So that’s why the company is aggressively targeting these two markets.

WeChat : The inspiration behind VEON

Imagine one app doing everything for you without the need of leaving the app. This is the concept behind WeChat which has become China’s most popular messaging app. You can avail many services like ordering food,booking a taxi, making online payments, share your location with friends, pay utility bills, make donations, play games, buy movie tickets, arrange appointment with your doctor, read news and almost every thing right from on single app. All of this has made WeChat a must have app in China and the app currently hasĀ 549 million monthly active users .

The concept behind VEON is same like WeChat i.e to offer many services from messaging to almost anything. VEON is offering services like messaging, calls,recharge sim credit, discounts on various products etc. In future it will also allow you to book Uber, Careem, Hotels, peer to peer payments just from one single,integrated app.

VEON A Desperate, yet a timely move:

Telecom firms revenues are declining due to OTT messaging services like Whatsapp and Skype. With more and more people moving away from voice calls and SMS, telecom revenues are declining as these two things make the backbone of telecom operator’s revenue. In short apps like Whatsapp and Skype are slowly killing telecom sectors. So it is a timely move by Jazz parent company to keep itself in the game by tapping into this OTT market.

VEON intends to take on to other famous apps like Whatsapp,Skype, Facebook etc. You also don’t need to pay for data if you are using VEON on Jazz network. So you don’t need to worry about the balance. Jazz has largest subscriber base in Pakistan. So it has the ability to lure customers from other networks with a tempting offer of free calls and messages all over the world.

What can VEON do?

  • Calls, message and multimedia sharing.
  • Display news,articles, videos and many other entertainment stuff.
  • Allows you to call, send messages and do other stuff even when there is no balance.
  • Manage your mobile account
  • Recharge your balance right from the app
  • Avail discounts on many online shopping website

On Google Play store, VEON app became the top free app in Pakistan within just a week of it’s launch. In iOS App Store, it ranked second. This is a remarkable feat for a app that just entered in communication platform. The concept behind the app is great but it is yet to be seen how Jazz will make it dominate every aspect of our life like WeChat does in China.