Biometric authentication : Which is the best way to unlock your device?

Fingerprint vs Iris scanner vs face scanner


As the advancement in technology continues, more and more ways of unlocking our phones are becoming available. Although there exists passwords, pins , pattern locks yet methods of unlocking phones via biometric authentication. Here are some of the ways you can unlock your phone :

Face Recognition:

Face recognition allows you to unlock your device by using your face data. All you have to is to keep your face infront of device’s camera and BOOM you phone is unlocked. Usually front facing camera is used to unlock the phone. This method is faster but is less secure. Recently there have been many reports of people unlocking other’s phone using their photos.

Iris Scanner :

Samsung introduced iris scanner on Note 7 and then later on Galaxy s8 and s8+. Every person carries a unique pattern on their iris. It’s more secure than face recognition and it works most of the time. There are reports that one cyber security group was able to bypass but cases like these are very rare. Iris scanner contains two parts which are IR LED and Iris Scanner.

Fingerprint :

Fingerprint has been available in most of the mobile phone since lately. Finger print is considered more secure. It is also faster. You can unlock mobile phone while it’s in your pocket.

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