An insight into Punjabi culture

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#Punjabi_culture is the one of the oldest culture.It contains enriched traditions and inheritance aspect in it.This culture is very vast and ancient & still people lives their life according to it.The main profession in Punjab is agriculture,people earn money from it,But Nowadays their are also several industries working in Punjab.


People mostly speak Punjabi every corner of Punjab people speak Punjabi.Punjabi people are also well known for their hospitality.

Dance (<3) is the best thing about Punjab.
Bhangra(lets Naachoo :p) style is famous every where.Every person knows how to dance (age doesn’t matters :p)
At every celebration the overall dance style can range from the high energy “Bhangra” men’s dance to the more reserved “Jhumar,” the “Gidha” women’s dance.

Here comes the most imp thing(seriously my favourite topic)


You can find best food in Punjab.The thing that differentiate Punjabis from other is food and their foodee behavior.For  people who used to room to different places to try delecious food then listen that Lahore is an extraordinary  hub for such type of activities.

Some food that everyone always try when they visit Punjab:
Biryani(rice) (#OMG_Delecious)
Makai Ki Roti & Sarsoon (mustard) ka Saag.
Halwa puri.
Haleem & hreesa(sounds gud).



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