About Us

We planed to made this blog to show you the positive and unseen image of Pakistan . Our blog will cover the entertainment, lifestyle , culture, literature , technology etc. Your portal to everything about Pakistan , things going on within Pakistan will be in our blog. The charms of the Pakistani life,influential,inspirational,
& instructive culture is in the blog along with the artistic development.
You will find yourself trapped in the lust of entertainment & information after visiting this blog.We will be entertaining you through the humor that we got to make you laugh and you will be smiling when you leave our website.
So if u want all this information with a touch of humor, you are all in the right place.STAY TUNNED for more content as the fun has just begun.

Our team :

Safi Ullah : A University student who believes it’s never too early to step in the world and mark your potential. Talk about Computers and poetry with me and I’m your friend. I love to code and do website development. I play gamer and photographer by passion.

Farman: I am good programmer and I have a strong grip on the c++ language, Moreover I also help my friends whenever they feel difficuilty in this language.

Saim : My name is saim and im a programmer.This is my first project & im looking forward to this.